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Curtains Buying Guide
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Curtains Buying Guide

At Listers we stock a wide range of ready-made curtains plus our Llandudno soft-furnishings store offers a made-to-measure service with an amazing array of fabrics available. Ready made curtains are usually available in number of standard sizes that are a combination of their width and length. Standard lengths are 54", 72" and 90". Widths are 46", 66" and 90". With this variety of styles, here is some advice on choosing the curtains for your opening.


Curtain Heading Types
Ready made curtains come with different heading types, some styles may be available in several heading types while others may only be available in one style. The different heading types will often create a different sense of style and will also influence the size of curtain you will need since they will look best with alternative amounts of gather.



Pencil Pleat

Suitable for hanging from poles or rails the width of pencil pleat curtains can be altered by pulling or releasing the cord, which can be useful if you move home. The amount of gather recommended for this style of heading is usually more than others. As a guide you should purchase curtains to fit double the width to be covered, although if required you can adjust this to taste or for the style of curtain chosen.


Eyelet heading curtains are only suitable for hanging from curtain poles. The eyelets can vary in diameter to suit your pole. Curtains in this style are designed to give a wider fold for a softer look. This means that there is less gather required and so less width of curtains in comparison to the opening.

Tab Top

Tab top curtains may only be used with curtain poles. Fabric loops are stitched to the top of the curtain and the pole passed through them. When measuring for tab tops the length of the tabs (around 4 inches) should be taken into consideration. As with eyelet curtains, the amount of gather is generally less so a reduced width of curtain is required.


Other considerations


Most of our curtains come ready-lined. Curtain linings serve several purposes. They protect the fabric from fading due to sunlight, reduce the amount of light passing through (making the room darker and the shadows seen from the other side dimmer) plus increases their ability to keep warmth in. For fuller curtains you may want to consider matching or co-ordinating tie-backs. While looking great they will also keep the curtains away from the window opening so allowing in more daylight.

If you are still unsure of what curtains you need why not pop in store and speak to one of our sales staff for some friendly advice.